Australia's most prestigious companies have selected ANNIKA to represent their brand as part of their marketing content. Having partnered with premium companies such as OLAY Skincare,Nude by Nature, Lexus, Commonwealth Bank, Clairol and Mirvac (among hundreds of others!) ANNIKA is well-versed and adaptable at promoting brands in the best possible way, irrespective of their industry.

ANNIKA provides a complete and comprehensive service - she has the whole package! She uses her body and her brains (inclusive of her Marketing Degree) in a versatile way to achieve the unique and individual goals of each and every client.

ANNIKA appreciates the extensive work that goes into the creation and execution of each and every marketing campaign. For this reason, she has a great level of respect for her clients and arrives at each booking ready to work hard. She always researches the brief and draws upon her extensive experience in such a way that leaves her clients beyond impressed.

One client said "ANNIKA has a beautiful energy that allows her to execute direction with total grace and poise. Her obvious experience in front of the camera makes ANNIKA a perfect fit and we thank you for a job well done!".

ANNIKA is available for bookings domestically and internationally.

Why not engage her in your your next campaign?!



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