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Successful Sleep Habits

Everyone is familiar with the age-old adage of “getting your beauty sleep”, but how much truth is really in this saying? What are the benefits of getting a solid eight hours sleep each night vs. sporadic (and probably, let’s be honest - super-fun!) late nights?


Tiredness is the biggest gateway to poor decision making. For example, personally when I’m tired, I’m more inclined to reach for the closest (over-sized) bag of nuts or any other chewy munchy food. It’s usually one that’s a little sweet, with a lot of crunch (ahhh heaven!) and within arm’s reach. However, when well-rested I have stronger will power and greater ability to stick to a routine in terms of making beneficial dietary choices that future-me will thank me for!


Tiredness can also trigger dull facial skin and personally my eyes have an astonishing ability to appear really washed out. Definitely not the naturally gorgeous and fresh beauty “look” I aim for! I want glow, and lots of it! Don’t we all? So, what are some of the best ways to introduce consistency into your life in terms of sleep patterns?

Setting a regular bedtime is easier said than done. It’s SO tempting to cram another 15 minutes of work, socials or Netflix. Whatever your vice, it’s probably this activity that’s getting in the way of your glow! It may also affect your nutritional choices and your uncanny inability to stick to your fitness goals. Okay, now we’re getting serious. With these kinds of broader implications, it’s definitely time for action!

Jump into the App Store

There are plenty of apps available on free download that support management of better sleep practise. Some are run on a timer function and some install control mechanisms on your mobile phone that kick-in when a nominated bedtime passes. Others have capability (albeit likely limited) to monitor the quality of your sleep and its patterns.

Strip Caffeine

Another HUGE impact on my sleep patterns is caffeine. I definitely notice if I have too much caffeine too late in the day. This includes *cough cough* even after 10am - believe it or not. Anything later than this and I really struggle to switch off at bedtime.

As a former avid coffee drinker, I now recognise the impact it was having on my life. Perhaps if you’ve always and forever loved even just a single morning coffee, it might be time to reconsider the effect of caffeine on your ability to get to sleep and just as importantly, stay asleep